Peace of Mind

Need to ensure your import of goods meet all the customs regulations? Want to speed up custom clearance in the United States of America where it is tough for certain cargo? At MLG Global, we provide customs brokerage service with our partners abroad.

As managing logistics is complex at every stage especially in imported goods, you need a broker like us who is well-versed in tariff and customs law so that we can advise, foresee and prevent obstacles in custom clearance. No more worries about overcharged in duties and taxes when you have a trusted and reliable licensed customs broker like ours.

Bringing decades of experience and strategy to navigating the brokerage process. we ensure your shipments are cleared in a compliant, expedited and cost-efficient way even in critical time. Just enjoy greater peace of mind.

Our customs brokerage service specializes in tariff classification in:

  • Free trade zones
  • Import
  • Export
  • Special Treaties
  • Commercial Treaties
  • Temporary Imports and more.

Our Key Advantages in Customs Brokerage:

  • 200 Customs Expert and Lawyers with our Partners
  • 2,000 Tax Operations for 150 Clients

Choose from our following services based on your needs:

  • Customs and Tax Compliance
  • Market Intelligence
  • Global Expertise


  • Global Customs Experts Team
  • Customs Engineering
  • Complete Solutions
  • Global Compliance Standards at Worldwide Location
  • Single Source Provider at Global Customs Brokerage and Compliance Consulting Services