Nothing’s Too Big: Mobile Crusher Project

There was nothing too big for MLH Global which handled everything from simple little task to complicated ones. The Mobile Crusher Project in 2008, tasked by FLSmidth, is a perfect example of how MLH Global went beyond the call of duty to deliver the huge mobile crushers which were used to mine iron rocks.

It all started with the R&D team from the United States making Malaysia as their point of production for mobile crushers. As the cost of labour in Malaysia is relatively much cheaper and near to Australia, the company managed the structure fabrication here.

When the time came, they wanted to transport 3 units of mobile crusher parts from Telok Panglima Garang, Malaysia to Fremantle, Australia. The task was not easy due to the enormous size of the crusher as well as logistic difficulty to Down Under.

Thankfully MLH Global together with former partner, CDS Global managed to handle this project smoothly and efficiently. MLH Worldwide was not established yet in 2008 and hence, the logistic solutions were carried out by MLH Global. All in all, through the professional hands of MLH Global, the mobile crushers arrived safely in Australia.