PACKAGING: Handling with Care

In every logistic, packaging and handling are crucial stages to prevent or minimise product damage and distribution delays. MLH Global provides these services, from inspecting, evaluating, certifying products to even designing and recommending the type of packaging best suitable for your goods.

The packaging will be examined based on specifications of the goods, initial conditions, and followed by designing (CAD) and producing packaging prototype and then, conducting drop test and other assessments.

Other related-packaging services such as packing and repacking, relabeling, kitting and order packing (pick and pack) complement the warehouse management system.

All in all, the supply chain solution for every business requiring agility or bespoke solutions. Packaging and Handling of your goods are equally important.

Packaging Management:

  • Advise on packaging design and bespoke design service


  • Multiple sizes and materials to suit shipment method and goods commodity


  • Full on and off site packaging service nationwide


  • High quality packaging and packing cases, pallets and stillages


  • Waste disposal service




Logistics serve hundreds of different industries, from manufacturing products, retail, mining, property development and construction, agriculture to automotive and medical and wellness industry. Each industry has its own type of shipment and requirements. And some shipments fall into the category of “specialised freight” and “specialised services”.

Specialised freights involve goods that are large in size, weight, dimension or demand special handling during transit. Specialised services, on the other hand, refers to services that require specific attention and add value to the existing services.