Solar Team Twente for World Challenge 2017

It was not easy to deliver solar cars nation to nation because not all flights were direct. Therefore, when our client wanted to deliver the solar cars for Solar Team Twente for World Challenge from Netherlands to Australia, they were unsure how to solve this logistic.

Our overseas partner, GEFCO initially wanted to ship the solar cars from Netherlands to Australia via MAS Freighter. However, there was no available freighter from Malaysia to Darwin, Australia.

Hence, our partner engaged MLH Worldwide to look into the trans-shipment of solar car from Netherlands to Australia under the ATA Carnet. MLH Worldwide is an international forwarding arm of the MLH Group which works hand in hand with overseas network partner, GEFCO to provide logistic solutions to both local and international clients.

The company was time-responsive and efficient to quickly solve this handling and deliver of car solar. We manage to handle the ATA Carnet from Malaysia to Singapore. As there was no direct flight from Malaysia to Darwin then, we came up with the solution of putting Singapore as the transit point. The minute the cargo arrived in Malaysia airport, we uploaded the cargo into a bonded truck and then transported it to Singapore airport. From there, the solar car was uplifted into the plane which would then deliver it to Darwin, Australia.